Domaine Mont

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Domaine Mont is a winery located in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido. The owner, Atsuo Yamanaka, originally moved to Hokkaido as a snowboarding instructor, and while working at a restaurant during the off-season, he realized the charms of wine. He spent two years apprenticing under Takahiko Soga at Domaine Takahiko, a winery also located in Yoichi, before going independent.
The name of the winery incorporates three different meanings: the "yama" of Mr. Yamanaka's last name means "mountain," which is "mont" in French; the family crest, or "mon" in Japanese, on the label design; and the phrase "mon wo deta" in Japanese, which is an acknowledgment of where he started his journey as an apprentice.
Only one variety of grape, pinot gris, is cultivated at this winery, and they produce wines with a delicate flavor that pair well with Hokkaido cuisine.

2.0 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
898 Noboricho, Yoichigun Yoichicho, Hokkaido

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