Mongaku Valley Winery

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Mongaku Valley Winery is located in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido. From the grape cultivation to the wine production, all of the work at the winery is handled within the Kihara family.
Here, they use a method called mixed crop to produce the wine, which involves combining several types of grapes. Additionally, different varieties of grapes are grown in the same vineyard, and the field blend wines made by mixing together these different varieties express a special flavor unique to Mongaku Valley.
At Mongaku Valley Winery, they are also aiming to implement sustainable agriculture in their everyday activities, such as using the pressed grapes as feed for grazing animals and scattering sea urchin shells that were collected at the ocean nearby on the vineyards.

2.0 Hours
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1982-1 Noboricho, Yoichigun Yoichicho, Hokkaido

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