Lan Seqqua

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Lan Seqqua is a winery located in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido. Shuntaro Yamakawa, the owner, was originally a cycling athlete, but he moved to Yoichi in 2015 to fulfill his desire to become a farmer. He apprenticed at a winery in the same area and studied winemaking, and he opened his own winery in September of 2020.
The name of the winery was created from two parts: "lan" is an onomatopoeia that expresses joy, and "seqqua" comes from the Japanese word "sekka" meaning "snowflakes." Together, the name translates to "joyful snow." The name shows the affection that owner Mr. Yamakawa has for the snow that falls in Yoichi and protects the grapes from the harsh winter cold.

*In general, this winery is not open to sightseeing or tourists.

Postal code
612-2 Noboricho, Yoichigun Yoichicho, Hokkaido
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