Hachimantai Dragon Eye

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Situated near the summit of Mt. Hachimantai near the border of Akita and Iwate Prefecture, Kagami Pond is often referred to as “Dragon Eye” because the ice in the pond melts in such a way as to resemble an eye. This natural phenomenon usually lasts for about two weeks from late May through early June, and even within this period the dragon eye shape can only be seen for a few days. It is said that one needs to have good luck in order to be able to witness the dragon eye. That is why it is also called a mystical scenic spot. Even if you are not lucky, the area offers excellent hiking and wildlife experience, so you will not regret your visit.

1.0 Hour
Telephone Number
Postal code
Tazawako Tamagawa, Semboku City, Akita
秋田県仙北市田沢湖玉川 鏡沼(八幡平ドラゴンアイ)
Recommended season
May, June

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