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Mt. Osorezan is a sacred mountain on the Shimokita Hanto Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. It's said that Jikaku Daishi of the Tendai sect of Buddhism saw a dream during training, and in accordance with the revelation he had in the dream, he proceeded to do a walking tour of various regions, finally settling on this mountain. Then, in year 862, the mountain was labeled as sacred and the temple at the top was opened. In some places, sulfur springs gush up and the rock surface is burnt with sulfurous acid gas. The steam and sulfur that rise over the exposed rock surface; Usoriko Lake, uncannily clear even in its deep areas; and finally the hot springs bubbling up create a scene akin to both heaven and hell, a mysterious atmosphere wafting through the air. Every year the Mt. Osorezan Grand Festival is held in July, and in October the shrine bustles with lots of people making their fall shrine visits. Please note, however, that the mountain is closed from November through April.

1.5 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Ohata-machi, Mutsu City, Aomori
青森県むつ市大畑町 恐山
Recommended season
May, July, August, September, October
Business Hours
: 06:00~18:00

Opening/Closing times may vary seasonally. Please check the official website for further details.

May 1st to mid-October : 6:00-18:00
mid-October to October 31st : 6:00-17:00

The mountain is closed from November through April. Please contact Entsuji Temple (0175-22-1091) during the period.

Admisson Fee
JPY500 /

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