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Otokichi! Meg is a live music venue located on the second floor of a building nearby Kichijoji Station. Every week, the venue hosts live performances, mostly jazz, Tuesday through Friday. One distinctive feature of this venue, however, is the wide variety of music genres performed here; not only modern jazz, but also Latin music such as bossa nova as well as vocal-centered pop, rock, and J-pop. The interior of the venue is compact, seating only 30 people, but that’s part of its charm: because it is so snug, visitors can experience the performances from right up next to the stage and even talk with the performers.
Unlike other venues, Otokichi! Meg is not only open at night, but it also operates as a café during the day on weekdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Additionally, on evenings when there are no live performances scheduled, the venue operates as a café and bar. On those days, the background music played is selected personally by the bartender, and customers can not only request music, but they can even bring their own tracks (CDs, etc.) to be played that night.

※This venue is non-smoking.
※Cash payments only.

2.5 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
31-3 KIchijoji honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo
Method of payment
Business Hours
Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday : 18:30~22:00

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