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Established in 1975, SOMETIME is a jazz bar where both long-time and new fans of the genre can thoroughly enjoy themselves. The layout of the bar is unique, with the stage in the center and intimate guest seating encircling it. The first floor of SOMETIME offers both table and counter seating, from which visitors can enjoy up-close and personal performances, as well as table seating on the second floor which overlooks the stage from above. Anyone wishing to watch a show from a particular area should be sure to call ahead and make a reservation (phone reservations only). SOMETIME also offers a large selection of food and drinks that visitors are welcome to enjoy during the performances, but it is recommended to finish ordering before the music starts.
Performances are mainly held in evenings, but Saturdays and Sundays sometimes offer daytime shows as well. SOMETIME is located in Kichijoji, a popular tourist spot that is home to countless shops, both old-fashioned and contemporary alike. Just a 15-minute train ride from Shinjuku, SOMETIME is a great spot to spend an evening relaxing and listening to some jazz music after a day of sightseeing.

2.0 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
1-11-31 Kichijyoji honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo
東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1-11-31 B1F
Method of payment
Cash, Credit Card
Business Hours
: 12:00~23:00

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