Kichijoji Jazz Tour

About 3.5 hours Language: Japanese, English
Tour Price 17,340 JPY ~ / person
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  • Kichijoji Jazz Tour
  • Kichijoji Jazz Tour

About the WOW U-mediator leading this tour

Hi, I'm Jazz Drummer Yu Torigaki.
I'm an active pro Jazz musician and would love to introduce you to some wonderful music and places I've got to know through my career. There are many Japanese Jazz spots, but I've picked up on the hidden spots and places where you can experience Jazz with unique Japanese characteristics that cannot be found in any other country for your enjoyment!
I also warmly welcome any newcomers, and will be more than happy to talk about how to enjoy Jazz, so please come and join me!♪

What we'll do

On this tour, you'll visit jazz venues in and around Kichijoji with professional drummer Yu Torigaki.
While enjoying food and drinks, you'll be able to experience live performances at close quarters.
Whether you're a seasoned music lover or listening to jazz for the first time, your guide will share with you the allure of jazz music.
This tour will consist of visits to two venues that are hidden treasures, often excluded from guidebooks. Your guide will choose for you music that is unique in composition and in the jazz scene itself, reminiscent of a different time.

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Things you need to know before the tour

If you have any food allergies, please let us know in advance.
Depending on the event, taking photos or videos of the performance or in the venue may not be allowed.
You will be able to order either one drink and one food item or two drinks. If you choose to order additional food and drinks, there will be a separate fee.

Price Detail

What is included in the tour price

  • Dinner
  • Admission fee


  • jazz spot_2

    Focusing mainly on jazz performances, this is a cozy venue where you'll be able to stay close to the stage and enjoy the raw sound of the instruments and vocals. It's also easily accessible, located on the second floor of a building near the station.

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  • jazz spot_1

    Established in 1975, this venue is long-standing in the Kichijoji jazz scene.
    The layout is unusual, with the performance space located in the middle of the room. Audience seating surrounds the stage on both the first and second floors, and you can watch the show from either.
    Additionally, while listening to the performance, you can indulge in a wide variety of food items, all delicious and set at reasonable prices.

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Your guide will be waiting for you with a nameboard.