Aomori lake hiking and claft experience

美しい風景 文化体験 インスタ映え アウトドア
¥9,680 ~ / 人
約 8 時間
言語: 英語


You can enjoy hiking through beech forests and Juniko (a series of small lakes and ponds), located on the western side of the Shirakami mountain range, World Heritage Site. Especially "Aoike"(blue pond), the most popular pond among Juniko is very special. It appears misterious cobalt blue color because of a high transparency of the water.
After the hiking, you have handmade experience of making clafts (BUNACO) at Bunaco Nishimeya Factory Workshop. At the workshop you can watch the unique and eco-friendly manufacturing process of Bunaco, and make your own bowl using beech wood by yourself. Factory is equipped with cafe and shop, so various kinds of sophisticated products can be purchased.
BUNACO: It is a craft unique to Aomori, made from the wood of beech tree which is called buna in Japanese. Simple yet elegant designs have gained international recognition thanks to numerous awards, and they have become a symbol of Aomori.


Your guide will meet you at JR Shin Aomori Station or Aomori Airport. From there you will use a taxi or public transport to the destination.
Meeting place can be changed.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥9,680 ~ / 人
最大 8 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

The tour fee does not include transport expenses for participants and a guide, admission fees and meals/drinks.
The starting time of the tour, meeting place and itinerary can be customized, because Juniko and Nishimeya is located western side of Aomori prefecture and it takes a long time (more than 2 hours) to move from Aomori city. For your information, Resort train "The Resort Shirakami" runs from JR Shin Aomori Station to Juniko.
Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    hiking around Juniko

    Juniko is a series of small lakes and ponds surrounded by a rich virgin beech forest in the western part of the Shirakami Mountain Range. You visit "Aoike pond" or blue pond, which is so clear that you can see the fallen beech trees at the bottom of the pond, but the surface looks as if cobalt blue ink has been poured over it. According to "Aoike" you visit some lakes and ponds while hiking through the forest. The entire area of Juniko is a Healing zone as a Forest therapy base.

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    handmade experience of making BUNACO

    BUNACO: Bunaco is a woodwork with a unique manufacturing method developed for effectively using beech trees produced in Aomori prefecture. The unique shape and design of Bunaco is realized by the unique manufacturing method to wind the taped beech wood like a coil.
    The Bunaco Nishimeya factory where the tour and workshops take place was a former elementary school. You will be walking in and out of various rooms where craftsmen handmade the lamps, dishes, and tissue boxes of Bunaco. You can also be guided in making a Bunaco bowl. It will take about 90 minutes to make and cost ¥9,900. Your bowl is sent to you after the craftsman did the finishing work on your piece.


Aomori Lover

Hi! I’m Kazuko Kurihashi, a nationally-licensed, English-speaking tour guide. I especially work based in Aomori Prefecture (I’ve been living in Aomori for more than 20 years), and I’m also a wife and mother. Aomori is full of great traditional culture and nature’s blessings, so I would like to guide you to many sightseeing spots such as temples, castles, museums, mountain streams, and so on, and show you how wonderful Japan is! The spot I recommend the most among these is an archaeological site from the Jomon period, dating back about 15,000~2,300 years. You can see many kinds of remains of an ancient village while strolling around the site, and you can learn about how our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and had spirituality based on rituals. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in Aomori!




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