Kodo (The way of incense) experience

アート&建築 文化体験 エンターテイメント 歴史 インスタ映え
¥16,500 ~ / 人
約 2.5 時間
言語: 英語


Have you ever heard of Kodo, Japanese way of incense?
Most people would say “No”.
If you would like to experience something authentic and unique, and very few people have ever tried, I would definitely recommend this.
You can also enjoy calligraphy and green tea served with Japanese sweet.
This would be a valuable experience to be able to enjoy Japanese culture in a few hours.

Kodo started more than 1000 years ago in Japan. This is quite a unique culture to appreciate the aroma of a piece of wood which is more valuable than gold.
We also enjoy the game to tell the subtle difference of the aroma.
Focusing on the pleasant scent will bring you a meditation and make you feel refreshed.
Unlike the aromatic oil or perfume, Kodo is something to share with the people there.
By using the sense of smell, our memory and subconsciousness are withdrawn.
By breathing deeply to enjoy the beautiful smell, we can go deeply inside of us, like a meditation.
Never miss the chance to experience the fantastic world of Kodo.

①Small lecture about Kodo
②Kodo game
③Calligraphy time (You can draw or write what you feel on Japanese paper using brush.)
④Tea time (Green tea and sweets are served.)
⑤Meditation using an incense stick


The venue is about 30 min. from Osaka by train and walk. The detailed information will be given after the entry.
Other venues like Kyoto, Osaka, Nara will be arranged for you with the request in advance and extra charge.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥16,500 ~ / 人
最大 6 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

*The minimum number of the guest is 2.

2 people  ¥22,000
3 people ¥19,600
4 people~ ¥16,500

*Please refrain from wearing the things below.

①Perfume and artificial strong smell
(Japanese incense is very delicate. If you put on something smells strongly, it ruins the ceremony.)

②Accessaries and a watch
(The very delicate and fragile tools are used. Removing them when you experience Japanese traditional culture is kindly required.


Master of the way of Japanese incense

Hello! My name is Lee Yukiko. I am a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. If you would like to experience authentic Japanese culture, joining my tour is the best! I am a KODO master (The way of Japanese incense) and a Japanese dancing master. I have the experience in Noh (Japanese classic performing art), Japanese flower arrangement and the way of tea. I can offer you the experience of KODO which you can seldom see or learn. The experience will never be forgotten. If you would like to have the experience quite magnificent and authentic, I can also take you to a Noh theater reserved all for you. Kimono, Japanese pottery, art are also my love. I'll be a very good person to go shopping with. I am cheerful and friendly and have a deep knowldge in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara. Please ask me if you would like to spend a wonderful holiday and don't know where to go. I can arrange the tour only for you in accordance with your favorites. My happiness comes from your smile while traveling. I’m going to do my best with my ability of good cultural understanding and hospitality so that the tour will be a memorable one for all of you.




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¥16,500 ~ / 人