Asukamura NARA Tour Osaka Departure

美しい風景 歴史
¥84,700 ~ / 人
約 7 時間
言語: 英語


This tour visits Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture, approximately one hour from Namba, Osaka.
Historical sites from the Asuka period (550-710 CE) still remain in the area.


Please come to the East Gates.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥84,700 ~ / 人
最大 10 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

Please wear comfortable clothing.

交通費, 入場料


  1. 1
    Asuka Rental Bicycle Shop

    Rent electric bicycles at the bike rental shop adjacent to Asuka Station. The electric-assist system allows you to enjoy cycling and the scenery with plenty of energy to spare.

  2. 2
    Tachibana Temple

    The date of its founding is unknown. It is said to be the birthplace of Prince Shotoku, and one of the seven temples built by Prince Shotoku in the 8th century. In the 8th century, it was a large temple with 66 halls, arranged in the Shitennoji style. Today, only a few halls remain, including the main hall (Taishiden), which was rebuilt in the Edo period. A seated statue of Prince Shotoku from the Muromachi period (Important Cultural Property) and an attractive statue of Nyoirin Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) can also be seen.

  3. 3
    Okadera Temple

    According to temple legend, Oka-dera Temple was founded approximately 1,300 years ago, and was built by monk Gien at the behest of Emperor Tenchi. The name "Ryuugai-ji" is said to have come from the fact that the monk Gien, with his legal power, was able to contain an evil dragon that was destroying the land of Asuka and tormenting the farmers by covering it with a large stone and reforming it.


Today is always the most enjoyable day.

Hello, my name is Taku. I have been guiding visitors to Japan as an interpreter guide mainly in the Kansai area since 2015. I do not have any special expertise, but I aim to provide friendly guidance so that you feel as if you are visiting your relatives living in Japan. If you want to enjoy your trip, please contact me.




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¥84,700 ~ / 人