My Deer Park ~Nara Park 4-hour Walking Tour~

アート&建築 美しい風景 文化体験 歴史 インスタ映え アウトドア 世界遺産
¥24,200 ~ / 人
約 4 時間
言語: 英語


Nara Park is full of friendly deer. The deer have been considered as divine messengers of Kasuga Shrine, so they are super special.
Nara Park is one of the best places to enjoy and relax.
You will see attractive historic buildings and peaceful nature. Anyone who steps inside forgets the flow of time!
I will be showing you places of interest and will also give you information about the sites.
The cute deer are waiting for you.


Meet at the East gate of Kintetsu Railway Nara Station or the ticket gate of JR Nara Station.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥24,200 ~ / 人
最大 5 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

JPY24,200 per group (up to 5 people)
※A solo tourist is available with the same fee.

The tour fee does not include transport expenses, admission fees and meals/drinks.
Please cover the guide's transport during the tour.

This is a walking tour.
We use local buses or taxis, and walk a lot.
Please wear comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Kasuga Shrine

    The shrine was built in 768.
    It is well-known for its 2000 stone lanterns and 1000 hanging bronze lanterns.

  2. 2
    Todai-ji Temple

    The temple was built as the head temple among all Buddhist temples in Japan.
    It is very famous for being the home of the Great Buddha.

  3. 3
    MIHO's favorite places

    I will show you around locally beautiful spots.


Nature Lover

Hi! My name is Miho. I am an experienced National Licensed Guide Interpreter. I have developed a passion for guiding many tourists since 2016. I conducted bus tours as a part time job when I was a college student, and then I worked for All Nippon Airways. I am a people person. One of my ancestors was Kahei Takataya, who made a great contribution between Russia and Japan in solving Golovnin Incident in 1811. His story deeply affected me when I was a child. I have been interested in intercultural exchanges since then. I was raised in Kansai area. I'd like to show you many interesting spots there. It would be my pleasure to take you to the secret gems that only locals can tell you about. You will experience countless amazing moments with me.




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¥24,200 ~ / 人