Explor Kawagoe city! Experience Tour and Soy sause factory tour!

アート&建築 美しい風景 文化体験 エンターテイメント グルメ 歴史 インスタ映え ショッピング 人気スポット
¥3,300 ~ / 人
約 5 時間
言語: 英語


This is the recommended tour if you have a day to spend in Kawagoe city . Your guide will help you navigate the area, find the perfect restaurants for you and take you to the bell tower, experience tour and soy sause factory tour!
Kawagoe city is a very old trational city in Saitama prefecture. They say that Kawagoe is a little Kyoto. It takes about an hour from Shinjuku-Sanchome staition.

You can visit the central city with bus or on foot. The landmark is an old bell tower.
You can make candies or rice crackers. You don't neeed to make a reservation to experience!
Soy sause factory tour don't need reservation too, but you can watch around from 1pm, 2pm or 3pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.

1. An old bell tower
This is an old bell tower at the center of Kawagoe city.
2. Let's make candy or rice crackers.
If you have time, you can make candies and rice crackers.
Either way, you'll have a great exprience.
3. Soy sause factory tour.
They only hold on Saturday, Sunday adn public holiday.


Your guide will meet you at the Shinjuku sancho-me station, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line. Your guid will tell you how to get to your Hotel or the closest staiton from your hotel.
・Meet up atthe Shinjuku sancho-me station, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and leave at Ko-tsu Kaikan.
・If you see the women who has snoopy stuffed toy that means your guid.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥3,300 ~ / 人
最大 5 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

The tour fee does not include transport expenses, admission fees and meals/drinks. The starting time of the tour and itinerary can be customized.
The guide is booked for up to 6 hours. Extensions are possible at extra cost.


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    Kawagoe Hikawa Shinto Shrine.

    If you have time, you can visit Kawagoe Hikawa Shinto Shrine. They have cute fortune-telling paper strip. The case is red snapper!
    You should do fishing to take fortune-telling paper strips! This is so unique way!
    You can keep your fortune-telling paper strip.


West side Tokyo and handmade lover.

Hi there, I’m Yuko from Tokyo. I’d like to speak with foreign tourists and guide you all. I like to tell you our Japanese culture and learn various foreign cultures. I’ve been in London when I was a primary school student for a year and I did homestay in England during my university summer holidays. I’ve traveled to almost 30 countries in my life. I used to do home visits at my house before Covid-19. I invited my guests from around the world. Recently, I video chat with my English language partner. This time, I’d like to guide you with visiting many sightseeing spots, especially west side in Tokyo. Because of I know about there well and I’d like to show you this beautiful hidden area. Also, I can teach Origami or Japanese at cafe if you like. If you interested my profile, take a look at my trip plans. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I’m looking forward to meeting you.




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