• Tokyo City


    Writer and travel lover

    My name is Chihiro, a writer and editor for the WOW U website. I write articles about tours, inte...

  • Aichi


    Aichi Lover

    Hi! My name is Marina. I live in Japan and I’m a undergraduate student of Media study department...

  • Ishikawa


    I live in the countryside of the Noto Peninsula. I'm a simple man: I'm a foodie, and my hobby is working on cars in machinery shops.

    I am the chairman of the Ishikawa Cycling Federation, so I can take care of bicycles. I am engag...

  • Tokyo City


    World Traveller

    Hello! my name Amy I have travelled 28 countries currently i am exploring Japan. I enjoy trying n...

  • Tokyo City


    World traveler

    My Name is Harper, I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love traveling, fashion, and sports. Pl...

  • Kanagawa


    History Narrator

    Mi chiamo Tomonao Matsuura. Mi interessa la storia e cultura dei paesi europei perchè ho lavorato...

  • Kyoto


    KyotoLover, expected many travels 

    My name is Nobuko and I live in Nishinomiya City, which is located on the west side of Osaka. I ...

  • Osaka


    I love international exchange!

    I’m a middle-aged woman living in Osaka who loves international exchange. I host homestays twic...

  • Osaka


    A bright and friendly aunt of Osaka

    Hi! I'm Noriko and I live in Osaka. I love to cook and I’m a certified cook. My specialty is Ja...

  • Hyogo


    The more I know details in Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, the more have I come to love these places.

    I was born and brought up near Tokyo, studied and worked in Tokyo in my young days, but my friend...