Kakurenbo Yokocho (Hide-and-seek Alley)

グルメ 歴史 インスタ映え

Kakurenbo Yokocho (Hide-and-seek Alley) in Tokyo’s Kagurazaka area is an alleyway that was named for a story that if one were to be following another person, he or she would lose sight of that person as soon as they enter this street. The alley itself has a traditional air about it, and the buildings and cobblestone pavement make it easy to picture geisha walking about during the Edo period. There are a number of stylish restaurants hidden in the alley, and taking a stroll is a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon. In addition, visitors can see Geisha Kodo, which has a geisha office, a shamisen training area, and a public bath; the district is also home to Hyogo Alley, which got its name from the hyogo (weapon and armor storage) that was there during the Warring States period of Japan (1467-1590).

※The alley includes private property. Please practice good manners and refrain from making a lot of noise.
※Littering is prohibited. Please be careful of cigarette ash and butts as well as general trash.

0.5 時間
3 chome Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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5 out of 5 stars

The Kagurazaka area not far from Iidabashi station is one of my new favorite spots to visit in Tokyo. With little stores filled with the most interesting histories, Kagurazaka-dori shopping street is peaceful yet bustling with positive energy as I went from store to store, talking to shopkeepers about the store's products. After eating a strawberry cream-filled Pecko-chan, anmitsu (dessert with jelly, red bean paste and fruits dating back to the Meiji era) and "ukigumo" (floating cloud, oven-baked meringue with bean paste - I had the matcha one and it was delightful), a trip down the stone-cobbled, narrow streets of Hyogo Yokocho and Kakurenbo Yokocho was a must. One can almost imagine geishas and weapons merchants strolling on a hot summer's afternoon, with the black fences further adding to the vibe. I also spent some time standing outside of Wakana (an inn that is unfortunately now closed) where famous novelists would stay at and produce their works. All in all, the Kagurazaka area gets two thumbs-ups from me.




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