Adventure Seeker

日本語, 英語, 中国語, フランス語
音楽, 歴史, 漫画・アニメ, 伝統文化, ファッション, 自然・景観, アウトドア・スポーツ, 料理, ハンドメイド
About Mediator
Seek out adventure to your heart's desire with me! Hello, fellow adventure seekers! My name is Amanda and I come from the land down under, Australia. As a travel enthusiast myself, I love talking to people from different cultures and get to explore their countries through the eyes of a passionate local. Although I am a native English speaker, my almost out-of-control desire to learn as many languages as I can have led me to learn Japanese and French, while maintaining a conversational level of Mandarin Chinese and Malay. My interests lie in getting to meet and stand in awe of the passion that masters of traditional Japanese crafts have grown to possess through years of mastering their respective crafts.


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