Mt. Nakano Momiji

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One of Aomori prefecture’s hidden autumn leaves spots, Nakano Momiji is at its best from the middle of October to the beginning of September. It is said that in 1802, the feudal lord of Hirosaki transplanted over 100 types of maple seeds from Kyoto, which have now grown into magnificent trees. The mountain that looks like it’s on fire is breath-taking, and many people visit here every year to see the beauty of the autumn leaves reflected in the waterfalls and mountain streams. In the forest is the Nakano Shrine, part of the Tsugaru Three Fudo ※ as well as the Fudokan Castle Ruins. In the Nakano Shrine are roughly 200 year old maple and fir trees, 500-700 year old large cedar trees are also cultivated, and each one is designated as the city’s natural monuments. The large cedar trees, in particular, are wonderful trees valued for their huge size in the Tsugaru area, their figures are absolutely staggering.   

Mt. Nakano Momiji is famous for its local edible bentos as well as its autumn leaves. During the afternoon, an event called ‘Koarashiyama Bento’ is held where you can eat your bento on the specially made floor. You can spend some luxurious time by eating some delicious food while admiring some beautiful autumn leaves. In addition, during the autumn leaves period, the area will be illuminated, so you enjoy the beautiful leaves even at night.

※Pets are prohibited from entering the grounds. Support dogs such as seeing eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs are allowed to enter however
※For the illumination times, please see the homepage. You will need a reservation for koarashiyama bentos.

1.5 Hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Nakanojinja, Fudodate-27, Minaminakano, Kuroishi City, Aomori
青森県黒石市南中野字不動舘27 中野神社
Recommended season
October, November

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