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Winery Yumenomori is located in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido. The owner, Satoshi Oshita, is also a board chairman of Yumenomori Kindergarten, which is located in the same town. He founded the winery in 2016 after purchasing the vineyards in order to facilitate early childhood education that utilizes natural environments.
The fields have an area of around 3 hectares, and in addition to wine grapes, other fruits such as prunes, apples, and pears are also cultivated here. Children have the opportunity to actually try out fruit cultivation and harvesting, and they also learn about the workings of nature. At their kindergarten graduation ceremony, the children are gifted some of the wine they helped produce, and Mr. Oshita also hopes to hold a Coming-of-Age Ceremony for the children when they become adults.

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59-3 Toyokacho, Yoichigun Yoichicho, Hokkaido

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