Sakagura (Sake) Tourism ~ JOYO Brewery, the most south brewery in Kyoto ~

グルメ 歴史 世界遺産
¥8,250 ~ / 人
約 3 時間
言語: 英語


In this tour, we will visit JOYO Brewery in Joyo city in Kyoto. Kyoto has been the capital of Japan for over 1000 years. Nara was the capital before Kyoto was established. JOYO Brewery is located in the most south part of Kyoto prefecture, between Nara city and Kyoto city. Kyoto Prefecture is one of the leading sake brewing regions in Japan. Especially for this particular area, the rich soil and water in Kizugawa River make their sake richer and more tasty. Their signature brand "JOYO Tokubetsu Junmmaishu 60" won the Gold award at IWC (International Wine Challenge) Sake section in 2021. Let us taste this awarded pure rice-wine together!


The tour guide will carry the name board at the station exit.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥8,250 ~ / 人
最大 5 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

The minimum number of the tour participants is 2 (two) and the maximum is 5 (five).
The tour fee is for the tour guide fee only.
Transportation, meals and drinks are not included in the tour price.
Please refrain from having yoghurt and Natto in the morning on the tour date.



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    JOYO Brewery Co, LTD.

    JOYO Sake Brewery is currently the only sake brewery in the southern region of Kyoto prefecture, and has been run since 1895. The current owner is the 4th one. There used to be sake breweries in the neighboring towns of Kamo and Wazuka. This area is the Kizu River waters, a place with sofetr than the Fushimi Ward area of Kyoto. JOYO Sake Brewery produces sake using rice "Iwai" that is only used in Kyoto Prefecture. Also, Joyo city is famous for its plums, especially the "Joshuhaku" cultivated in "Aotani Baisrin", which is a high-class plum that is thick and has a peach-like scent when fully ripe. Since 1991, JOYO Sake Brewery's plum wine has been particular about this "Joshuhaku" plum, and by shipping it after aging for more than 3 years, it shows a big difference in quality from other plum wines. Umeshu (plum wine) is characterized by its refreshing sweetness and sourness. regardless of the experience of drinking other plum wine of not, I would like you to try the plum wine of JOYO Sake Brewery. Let us try the IWC awarded Japanese sake and their exclusive plum wine together!!


Japanese sake lover

Japanese sake lover will guide you around Kansai area! Hello. My name is Kingo and I am a certified international sake adviser. I love to visit an individual sake brewery around Kansai area. My lifework is to find the best of the best Japanese sakes by tasting the various locally brewed sakes together with the provincial superb Japanese cuisine every time I visit a new place in Kansai area. Let us enjoy the delicious Japanese sake with a Japanese cuisine together, and explore the hidden sightseeing spots. I look forward to seeing you here in Kansai, Japan.




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