• Niigata


    Niigata expert representing Joetsu city!

    Wanna explore and find fun things to do in Niigata? My name is Kana and I was born and raised in ...

  • Tokyo City


    Tokyo intrapreneur daddy guide

    Hi, my name is Ken. I'm a businessman working in Tokyo, near 'Kichijoji' area. I am also a fathe...

  • Tokyo City


    Serial Entrepreneur

    I am an entrepreneur in Japan. I have my company EXest that makes the international travelers WOW...

  • Niigata


    Niigata’s sake lover

    It's really nice to meet you! As a magazine editor, I have covered every single one of the Japa...

  • huitse

    Solo female backpacker

    I am a curious solo budget traveler, hostel dweller / couchsurfer / volunteer, always on the look...

  • Okayama


    Plants enthusiast

    Hello, everyone! My name is Misa. I am originally from Osaka but have lived in Okayama for more ...

  • Hi! My name is Natsumi. I am an ex-backpacker so I love exploring around the world. Of course, my...

  • Aichi


    crafts loves mom

    How would you like to participate in crafts in Aichi, a prefecture located in the center of Japan...

  • Shizuoka


    Nature & Good View Lover

    Hi, I am Yuichi, a tour guide in beautiful Numazu, just 30km south of Mt. Fuji. If you are planni...

  • Tokyo City


    Cosmetics lover

    hi! I'm Kotomin. I love Japanese cosmetics, so I am planning a shopping tour in Japan. There a...