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Gourmet, Nature・Scenery, Traditional Culture, Sake, Manga・Anime, History
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Sushi, Ramen, Okonomiyaki
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Japan, USA
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This is the official account of EXest Inc. On this account, we will provide EXest's original tours. WOW U's new project, Ikimonogatari, provides an online platform to create a deep connection with local manufacturers. It is not, however, just about the consumption of physical goods; this project is designed to inspire its participants to support the manufacturers by providing a close look into the sentiments of those manufacturers and the background behind their production. Even if it's a place you've never been, something you've never heard of, anyone and everyone is welcome to freely participate in any and all events that pique their interest! ※The Ikimonogatari events are only held in Japanese.

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Experience/Personal History

  • WOW U Website Release

    2016 - 12

    At the time of release, we published exclusively offline (in person) tours created by guides and matched travelers from around the world with guides who were suited to their interests and needs.
    This is where the history of WOW U began.

  • DOGADOZO Website Release

    2020 - 05

    DOGADOZO was created in cooperation with television stations. It is a service that provides rights-processed video materials that the television stations already had in their archives for video creators and corporate advertisers to use.

  • Publicity Showcase Website Release

    2021 - 02

    This is a service for market advertisers who want to run publicity commercials for local regions, and for local television stations to propose time slots for running publicity commercials. By being featured in television programs, businesses can expect to see positive promotion results.

  • LSAS Website Release (planned)

    2022 - 05

    This service allows market advertisers (customers) who wish to run television commercials on television stations all over the country to complete the entire process from quotation to order to delivery (running ads) on the LSAS platform. We can compare various television stations and broadcasting slots to offer customers the most suitable plan for their budget.

  • Pocket Owners Website Release (planned)

    2022 - 06

    This is a service that connects local manufacturers with people who want to support those local regions. The people offering their support will become owners of what the manufacturers produce, which will in turn enhance both the manufacturers and the region and create an even deeper bond.



There is a wealth of unique guides and many tours with interesting content.
As a guide, I have also used Iki Monogatari's online tours as a reference for planning content.
I also enjoy participating in the courses to increase my knowledge as a guide and to make horizontal connections as a guide.


WOW U offers all sorts of sightseeing info, online tours, and videos! There are lots of anecdotes on the spot pages for anyone looking for quick tidbits of information, but there are also more in-depth articles for those who want a deeper look.
I personally recommend checking out the Japan Heritage videos on the Special Experiences page and the online tours—maybe you’ll meet a guide who can take you around when you visit for real!


In addition to articles and videos on tourist spots around Japan, there are also articles about local artisans and traditions, online tours (online programs), and more to enjoy various aspects about Japan.

There are plenty of niche places and people introduced here that we hope you'll enjoy!

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