Government Licensed Tour Guides

映画 ハンドメイド 動物 料理 建築 技術(家電・AI・VRなど) グルメ アウトドア・スポーツ 自然・景観 ファッション 伝統文化 お酒 漫画・アニメ 歴史 音楽
  • エリア: 東京・都市部
  • 言語: 日本語 スペイン語 イタリア語 フランス語 ドイツ語 韓国語 中国語 英語


“Guide Interpreting and Communication Skill Studies Association” is one of the major certified guide-interpreter organizations with about 500 members nationwide and head office in Tokyo. Since 1999, GICSS has been offering various guide skill training for our professional registered guides. Our members are full of variety with wonderful personalities and are full of "o-mo-te-na-shi" hospitality mind, bringing foreign visitors with happy memories and satisfaction. Enjoy taking a look and feel the specially selected scenery, scenes, places, architecture, food, handicrafts, souvenirs, various culture, and particularly live communication with local people and feel our lifestyles. We are only a few clicks away and would like you to experience the best! Awaiting to meet with you!

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