People to Meet

Cultivating human connections. Every destination has local people with their own stories; take a trip to meet them.

  • Kagoshima


    Eco village creater

    We are creating an eco-village on a ​​2 hectare sized abandoned farming area on Yakushima, which ...

  • Kyoto


    amazing guide than google

    Let’s be friends though a trip! Hi, my name is Ayaka Kihara. I’m 19years old and an Osaka Univers...

  • Miyagi


    Tohoku concierge

    I'm Riko, and I work at a Sendai Tourist Information Desk. I'm also a tour guide based in Senda...

  • Nagoya


    Sports lovers

    Hi! My name is Ryunosuke, please call me Ryu. I’m a university student in Aichi prefecture, Japan...

  • Tokyo City


    Travel Wizz in Tokyo

    Hello, Hej alla och Moi kaikkile, Japan has still reserved tons of hidden gems both in cities...

  • Aichi


    walking girl

    Hi! I’m Yurika. I’m an undergraduate student majoring media studies. I like walking through a ye...

  • Aichi


    Music lover

    Hi! I'm Yuzuki. I'm an undergraduate student majoring media studies. I have been playing basketba...

  • Nagoya


    I love Japanese rice

    Hi! I'm Kosuke. I'm a student at Aichi Shukutoku University. I like listening to music. My favori...

  • Osaka


    Unique & Flexible local tour specialist

    Hi my name is Hiromi. I am a wife and mother of two kids. I have been working for tour companies ...